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Beach Talk: Achavari – Corfu

We consider Achavari a hidden gem beach on the Greek Island of Corfu (Kerkira).

Achavari Beach: The crystal clear waters that Greece is famous for!

We almost didn’t go visit these beaches, but decided after visiting Sidari (and not feeling comfortable staying there), we made the trip over.

Much in tune with the rest of the Island, parking is hard to find. You can park on the main road and walk down to the beach (several miles away). We got lucky with finding parking right next to the beach, but I wouldn’t count on this.

Make sure to look for parking along the side roads. The parking lot next to the beach is small, so you may not be lucky enough to find a spot!

Like the other beaches, sunbeds are available at a cost. You can always bring your own umbrellas, chairs and blankets to save on this cost.

The water was crystal clear, blue and warm. It is shallow for several meters out, but stays clear all the way out.

Lots of famillies around, so you will see small children running around. Otherwise, it is relatively peaceful and you get a nice view of Albania across the way.

OVERALL, one of our favorite beaches on the island. It is a smaller town, but worth the drive to visit.

What’s your favorite beach on Corfu? Comment below!

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