Beach Talk: Ammos Beach – Greece

Review of Ammos Beach in Greece

Just over an hour away from the Northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, lays several beach towns, including Stavros, Asprovalta and Olympiada.

You can venture any of the various beach bars located at these cities and have a wonderful view of the ocean, enjoy a cold Vissinada or Freddo Cappuccino while soaking in the Greek sunshine.

One of these beach bars, located just off the main road past Stavros is called Ammos.

Lounging by the beach

Located in a cove, it houses about 100 lounge chairs, covered seating, a bar and camp site.

Travel Tip: Arrive either early in the morning (8-9 am) or in the late afternoon (3-4 pm), the crowds will likely be less during these times. Just be prepared for crowds during the peak summer months of July & August.

The beach chairs are “free” but you are basically obligated to buy a drink or snack from the bar. An attendant will stop by your seat shortly after you settle in to take your order. Most will speak english (or you can point to what you want on the menus provided under each umbrella.

Covered seating area

For those feeling adventurous, on the left side of the beach you can find a rocky shoreline that is an easy climb up.

Here you can find unobstructed views of the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea as well as a top-view of the beach below.

Perfect for that instagram shot!

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Don’t forget to rinse off your feet at the convenient shower stands located as you leave the beach.

Until next time, Rad-Monster 🌺

Greek Blue

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