A Brief Overview about The Power of Empathy – Video.

The Power of Empathy (in Video Form)

This video is about the power of empathy, produced by the RSA. Dr. Brené Brown narrates the animation explaining what empathy is and why it is so important. This video brings up some points about empathy that are relevant to how we bond with others:

1. Empathy and sympathy are NOT the same thing.

2. Empathy fuels connections.

3. 4 qualities of empathy: perspective-taking, no judgement, recognizing and communicating emotion.

4. “At least” is not found in empathetic responses.

5. Empathy is an active process, involving personal reflection.

6. Sometimes, it is better not to try to make things better; just being there can make the difference.

“What makes something better is connections.”

– Dr. Brené Brown, The RSA

The entire video is only about 3 minutes long, but worth a watch.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own video provided. All rights reserved to RSA and Youtube.


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