Gift Guide: That One Yogi Friend

Holiday Gift Guide for Yogi Friends.

I will start by saying that I am not fortunate enough to be sponsored by any of the products/companies mentioned. These are just products that I have found to be great gifts and wanted to share them with you. Links are provided for convenience. All opinions are my own.

Have a ‘yogi’ in your life and wondering what gift to get them? Here are a few ideas. These also work for someone who may be interested in starting yoga.

Christmas Mermaid

Yoga mat
Every yogi needs a good mat (or like in my case, 3+ good mats). I would recommend finding a thicker mat, which helps cushion your limbs while practicing. There are so many different colors and designs available, you are bound to find something perfect for everyone.

You can even find sets with holder straps, which make transporting your yoga mat so much easier (for when we can safely take classes in the studio again).

Want that Instagram-worthy mat? Here are some amazing designs to make sure your mat shines as bright as you do.

Blocks & Straps
In addition to a good mat, blocks and straps are essential for any level of yoga practice. There are a wide array of products available, but I would certainly invest in a good quality one that will last you for years.

For the beginner yogi, this set is perfect. It comes with a mat, strap and block to get you started.

It seems like everyone has a diffuser nowadays, but it is perfect for using those essential oils that you keep stocking up on. A diffuser basically aerosolizes water and allows the oils and fragrances to dispense into the air in a calming and enjoyable way.

I use my diffuser during or after practice (shavasana, maybe?) as a way to cleanse my mind and airway. Again, quality is key, since these can last forever if you find the right one. Some of my favorites are from Vitruvi and Campo (they even have a travel version)

Yoga Cushion
You do not realize how amazing a yoga cushion is until you have one. It is perfect for meditation as well as lounging.

I was gifted this lounge cushion a few years back, and it is perfect for everything. I have even taken a nap on it a few times. Not to mention, all of the beautiful color and design options.

There are also seat cushions designed for yoga practice, they come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Find one that might work best for your yogi friend.

Herbal Tea
Perfect for the colder weather, herbal tea is a gift that keeps giving. I always recommend high quality teas, since this is something that can affect your health.

Although tea can be a personal preference, some delicious options include:
Ginger (to promote healthy digestion)
Lemon Ginger (also helps promote healthy digestion)
Peach (Helps with detoxification)
Chamomile (For relaxation and sleep)

And of course, you need to perfect teapot to brew this in,

If you are looking to splurge, Teavana is still one of my favorite places to shop, their blends of organic tea leaves, spices, and fruit are amazing!

clear glass bowl with brown liquid
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Eye Pillows
I actually have 2 different types of eye pillows, and I love them both.

A silk eye pillow is perfect for the end of a yoga practice when you are in shavasana and can allow some weight into your eye sockets. This helps promote relaxation and calm. Some eye pillows are infused with lavender, which adds to the experience.

You may have heard of a weighted blanket, but wait until you try a weighted eye pillow. Perfect for getting you to sleep. I use this almost every night, very comfortable to wear and adds just enough weight to help you drift off to sleep.

Yoga Clothing
Arguably, yoga clothing can be worn even when not practicing yoga, but either way, it is fun to wear bright and colorful outfits (again, this for my Instagram Yogis).

Alo Yoga always has consistent clothing that are comfortable and fashionable. Make sure to stock up on your favorites, like these items:

7/8 High-Waist Airbrush Legging - Black--0
Alo Yoga – Airbrushed High-waisted Leggings
Kick It Tank - Black--3
Alo Yoga – Kick It Tank
Freestyle Sweatshirt - Blue Moon--2
Alo Yoga – Freestyle Sweatshirt

Find fun and interesting prints at Flexi Lexi (use radmonster_yogi for 10% off your order).

Leggings from
Finally, here is a full gift guide to help you find that perfect gift. 
There are some additional gift ideas not discussed in this post. 

Did I miss a great gift idea? Share it below.

Stores mentioned in this post:
Flexi Lexi
Alo Yoga

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