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Beach Talk: Glyfada Beach – Corfu

Beach Talk: Brief Review of Glyfada Beach in Corfu.

Located on the Western coast of the Greek Island of Corfu (Kerkira), Glyfada is known as one of the most popular beaches on the Island.

Our trip started in Kerkira with a drive to Achilleion Palace and from there half an hour to the beach town.

The first thing we noticed was the parking situation. Since it is peak season (August), there were already plenty of people on the beach. We ended up parking well up the hill, with a several minute walk down to the beach. There are a few parking lots near the beach, but I wouldn’t count on those being open.

Once you get to the beach, you notice a long strip of sand extending on either side. Plenty of sunbeds to find.

Be prepared to spend at least 10-15 euros for a spot on the beach. If you want, I would bring your own umbrellas, chairs and blankets to save some money.

The waters were crystal clear and shallow for several meters. On the day we went, the water was colder than we were used to. We were still able to spend a while swimming around.

There are also plenty of water activities available close to the middle of the beach area – inflatable rafts, etc.

OVERALL, a beautiful beach; our only major complaint is the parking.

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