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Where Is Happiness Found? Dumbledore Knows…

Happiness, as analyzed through Harry Potter.

(This was written many years ago, when I actually had time to watch movies. I’m reposting it because it is still relevant and hopefully inspires you too!)

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times
when one only remembers to turn on the light.”
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I’ve been on a Harry Potter movie kick recently.

It all started when I made the decision to purchase the entire set from Itunes. I figured that it would be a worthwhile purchase, seeing as you can still enjoy them even after watching them 100+ times. There is always a semi-awkward moment of excitement when I see one of the movies airing on TV. It becomes one of those ‘drop-everything-you-are-doing-and-watch’ afternoons, and it is worth it every time.

On my current run through the movies, I have come to really respect J.K. Rowling as an author. The books speak for themselves in terms of the kind of literature that will not rot your brain from the inside-out (Fifty Shades, I’m looking at you), and a book that generations will continue to enjoy and cherish for many years to come. In a small way, the movies bring those themes to life.

Each time I watch one of the movies, I pick up something subtle that I had previously overlooked. Knowing the future of the storyline really helps with this. What an incredible development of characters throughout the ‘years’. I tend to reflect on my initial feelings toward Snape when I first started the books, and even in the first few movies. But, re-watching it with a different lens brings out the subtleties of his intentions and motivations. Another enjoyable moment of watching the movies in succession is getting to watch Harry, Ron, and Hermione “grow-up” between each movie.

I just finished watching Prisoner of Azkaban, and this quote really stands out every time. It plays a dual purpose. Not only to communicate Dumbledore’s thoughts to Harry, but also to say something that can apply to all of us.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times
when one only remembers to turn on the light.

We all have ‘dark’ moments in our lives – whether it concerns personal, emotional loss or otherwise; in those moments, you feel helpless. It is easy to look back and realize how benign some of those situations were, even though at the time it felt like the world was dark and stormy without remorse. One thing I always try to remember is that every cloud has a ‘silver lining’ (to quote a famous saying), the difficult part is finding that light and happiness in the midst of the dementors circling above you, ready to swoop down and take your soul.

Speaking from personal experience, opening the window to the world can be difficult. It is frustrating when you know the solution to your problems lay in the sliver of light shining through the crack. Every person is different, some find comfort in solitude and others open themselves up to the people around them that they can trust. Either way, it is important to remember the good in your life. Find those happy moments and don’t let the sad ones keep you down.

If there is one thing for certain, the sun will come out tomorrow (barring any catastrophic event, in which case it would not even matter anyway).

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