Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol in Sevilla, Spain.

One of the important tourist sites in Sevilla, Spain is the Metropol Parasol.

Nicknamed Las Setas de la EncarnaciĆ³n (Incarnation’s Mushrooms), this impressive structure was built in the early 2000s at La EncarnaciĆ³n square in Sevilla. The plaza consists of 6 “mushrooms” towering above.

Located in the heart of the city, this massive piece of art is the perfect way to take the whole city in.

You will find the ticket booth at the base of the complex, after which you will take an elevator up to the top.

There is a cafe at the top, where you can enjoy a nice cold beverage.

Make sure to walk along the walkway and take in the views. There are a few stairs throughout the path, so watch your steps!

Views from the top

Make sure to spend time walking along the walkway and taking in the views of the city.

We got lucky with a beautiful day (not too sunny), but make sure you have a hat and sunscreen with you!

After your visit, make sure to check out the market on the ground level, plenty of shops and restaurants to take a break before you head off to your next adventure.

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