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Beginner’s Guide to Metsovo, Greece

Guide to Metsovo, Greece

I am calling this a “beginner’s guide” because I have only been to Metsovo a few times, and for a short period of time. I wanted to share my favorite places that we visited during our trip.

Located in Northern Greece, about 2 hours driving West from Thessaloniki, you will find this quaint mountain village.


The drive to Metsovo is fairly straightforward with a fully paved highway. You will pass several toll stands on the way, so make sure you have change (1-2 euro coins and smaller) with you.

To get into the village, you have to journey through several narrow roads, with some spots wide enough for only one car (even though the street may function as a two-way).

Once you get to the main square, the next challenge is parking. There is a formal parking lot, that does fill up quickly. You will notice that cars are parked in every possible street and corner, so your best bet is to park in the first opening that you find. The “do not park” sign is a blue circle with a red diagonal line in it – make sure you do not park there.

The main square offers many shops and tavernas.

One of our favorites has become Bella Vista, which is a non-smoking section of ____ with a spectacular view!

View from the restaurant

Once you get your fill of authentic Metsovoan cheeses, wines and meats, make sure you wander the streets a little for the shops. There is a small park in the central area that offers more views of the surrounding mountains.

Metsovo is most famous for their cheeses, many of the shops will sell packaged cheese that you can easily take home!

As you walk, you may encounter a small church on the side, which is open for visitors (no photography allowed). Some of the artwork dates back over 300 years, and the murals are beautiful and vibrant, it is worth walking through for a few minutes.

Agia Paraskevi

In the early afternoon, settle into a cafe for a Freddo Cappuccino and enjoy the sights and sounds of this mountain village.

And most importantly, you have to stay at the Grand Forest Metsovo Hotel, incredible views, and voted one of the top hotels in the country (for good reason)! Read more about this amazing hotel and our experience here.

Other places to visit include:

Let me know if you have any other recommendations for Metsovo!

Until Next Time, – Rad-Monster 🌺

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