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Beach Talk: Nea Iraklitsa – Greece

Beach Talk about Nea Iraklitsa in Northern Greece

A typical beach town, Nea Iraklitsa is what you would expect.

Credit: Google Maps

As you drive in, you start seeing plenty of people walking around the town. There is a fairly large parking lot right before the boardwalk which costs 2 euros.

The Boardwalk houses several beach bars, you can walk the length within several minutes to find one with open space.

There are sunbeds available with most, and may bars allow you to use them with purchase of a drink. As with most beach bars, be aware that smoking is not regulated so you may have to deal with second-hand smoke.

Enjoy the crystal clear waters in front of you, and even take a dip.

Once you have gotten a fill of the beach, you can head towards the tavernas on the west side of the area.

All the tavernas offer covered outdoor seating. You have many seafood options as well as meats. Many will have their menus posted outside the restaurant, so take a look to see what entices you the most.

Enjoy the beach town of Nea Iraklitsa as an afternoon get-away.

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