Denver International Airport (Spotlight Series)

Spotlight on Denver International Airport

This week’s spotlight will focus on DIA – Denver International Airport. The largest airport in the United States (in terms of total land area), and certainly one of the most interesting designs for an airport. I enjoyed taking pictures of the building and surroundings, and would like to share some of those pictures with you.

[Please note: all pictures were taken by me. Please do not reproduce without my consent]


In the 1980s, it was decided that a new airport would be built. Previously, Stapleton served as the regional Airport. DIA finally replaced Stapleton in 1994 and has been the primary airport in the region since then.


The infamous blue horse stands tall in front of the airport. Most notable are the glowing red eyes that


In the fall of 2015, Westin Denver Airport opened its’ doors to travelers. Shortly after, during one of the first big storms of the winter, it boasted a “completely sold-out” facility, reforming the need for an hotel next to the airport.

Come for the layover, stay for the sights and sounds that makes DIA one of the most interesting airports in the country. 


Land Area: 53 square miles (34,000 acres)
Main Hub: Frontier Airlines and Great Lakes Airlines; also 4th largest hub for United Airlines.


Last, but not least, Things to do in Denver (in case you are not just passing through the airport). There are plenty of things to do both downtown and a little further out near the mountains, it is worth spending a few days in the area exploring.

Airport Website
Westin Denver Airport

Hope this was helpful. See you next time on Spotlight.

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