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You know the saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” In my limited experience, I have found that words can be incredibly hurtful.

Growing up, I was bullied. Luckily, it was not openly for my intelligence – possibly my one redeeming factor in life. In a society riddled with vanity, smarts only get you so far in life. I was bullied about my looks. I was made to believe that I was not pretty; boys didn’t notice me like some of my other female classmates. I was even called ugly a few times, behind my back, where I could still hear it, or to my face. For a pre-teen girl, that is not something you ever want to experience. I did not realize the profound psychological impact that these hurtful comments have had on my life until many years later. To this day, I do not consider myself attractive. I doubt I ever will feel that way, regardless of what others may tell me now. I do not look like a supermodel, and I feel like I will never love my body or the way I look as much as I should.

It comes down to self-esteem. Being made fun of does nothing but lower your self-esteem. Bullies must find some kind of comfort in saying and doing hurtful things to others; It must boost their own self-esteem to see others falter. I will never understand the mind of these types of people – putting themselves above all else and not accepting the virtues and faults of others. It is especially damaging when appearances are involved. You are told not to ‘judge a book by its cover’, but it is the outer covering (the way we look, dress, and outwardly act) that the world sees and scrutinizes.

Uniqueness is what makes this world great and is something that should be embraced and encouraged at every level of living. My only wish is that people realize at a young age the impact of their actions towards others as well as the importance of building up self-esteem, not only for themselves but for those around them.

Because, no girl deserves to believe that she is ugly.


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